Educational publishing

The iPad and other tablets are extremely suitable for educational purposes. Both from the point of view of the actual device itsself as the perfect E-reader, as well as the way to show and interact with digital content for the educational market.

Push2Tablet has an exclusive collaboration with Van Dijk Educatie for all eduational content or content aimed at the educational market.

About Van Dijk Educatie
For years Van Dijk Educatie is Dutch largest distributor of lesson books, textbooks, and other educational content. From the village of Kampen Van Dijk Educatie supplies about 12 million educational books to about 750.000 students in secundairy education and vocational education.  Van Dijk Educatie also supplies schools with various book funds, digital learning (E-learning), own educational means and LogiBook.

More information
For any further information on your educational content on Push2Tablet, please contact:

Van Dijk Educatie
William Bottenberg
+31 (0)6 10 61 45 36

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