Bliyoo is the app to read unlimited books and magazines for a fixed fee per month. Reading as many books and magazines as you like on your tablet and smartphone, endless reading pleasure with Bliyoo by Bruna. Bliyoo is the follow-up of Tablisto, with a brand new design, a larger offer, better business model for alle users, and many new featues in the app.
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Bliyoo for Apple iOS and Android

Bliyoo is available for free in the AppStore from Apple and in the Google Playstore. So everybody can use it on their iPads, iPhones, and on the Android tablets and smartphones. And a user can actually use Bliyoo on multiple devices at the same time, which are synchronised to keep up the reading pace. So you can continue reading in the train, where you left the ebook the evening before when you went to sleep.

How does Bliyoo work

We connected Bliyoo to the Bruna.nl website and backoffice. So everybody with a Bruna-account can log in to the app Bliyoo, and find directly their purchased ebooks. And, the other way around of course; ebooks bought in the app can be found on your Bruna-page in order to download them for ereaders or to read them in the online reader.

For the unlimited Bliyoo subscription we made a special landingpage: www.bruna.nl/bliyoo. Users can select their subscription, and start right away with their first month for free: Magazines only, ebooks only, or a combination of magazines and ebooks. The account is suitable for the Bliyoo app and the Bruna.nl site. Users can use their subcription directly by logging in the Bliyoo app. The subsctiption ends each month, and is continued automatically by SEPA. Of course the users are notified, and they have the possiblity to end their subscription at every moment.

Bliyoo features

The app opens with My Reading tabel, the startscreen where nuew issues are placed as well as the issues you are reading in at the moment.

Just below the startscreen the app administration has space for collections, interesting categories by type, target group, or what is in the news at the moment. The app menu allows a user to look around, just as they would do in a real book store. Via the smart searches and filters, one can select on type of reading, keyword, but aslo on items that haven't been read.

Other new features are for example a Facebook connection. A user can mark on his timeline what he is reading now, or place a quote from an ebook. And, the Facebook connetion also allowes to see what other Facebook-friends are reading… friends still give the best advice one can get. And, issues are now provided with a star-rating, and by recommandations of what others read as well.

Bliyoo and Yellowmind
Yellowmind is the online agency that build and manages the Bliyoo app for Apple and Android. From the very first ideas, to the business models, of course the app development, but also the various connections to external systems from Bruna, Centraal Boekhuis and Push2Tablet.

For any further information on Bliyoo, of how your editions can be published in the Bliyoo app, please leave us a note by the form below.



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