Costs of tablet publishing

The costs of publishing a magazine on tablet or smartphones, also known as tablet publishing, are very low. We provide you of a clear breakdown for creating, publishing and downloading an interactive magazine, glossy, book or newspaper for publishers.

Costs publishers on tablets and smartphones

Start-up fee
With Push2Tablet you will not have to buy expensive software, you will pay no license fee, and not even a small start-up fee in order to use our online portal for publishers.

Costs of a tablet magazine
Through the online portal you can upload editions of your magazines and enrich them with interactivity for tablets or smartphones. This applies to your current issues, as wel as to previous issues of your magazine, glossy, book or newspaper.

Your magazines, books, manuals and newspapers are displayed in reader-apps or in your own branded AppReader. The payment per download is done in your online shop, and if you do not have an online shop we can provide you with one.

Your AppReader
If you prefer your digital editions in a reader with your own brand and functions, we can help you. We make smartphone and tablet readers to your wishes and demands, provided with your company logo and designs. The costs depend on your wishes and demands.

Downloading magazines
Push2Tablet works on a no cure no pay bases. This means that only a small fee per download will be charged. You define the price per download, we charge you a small fee for completing the transaction. This is why your costs of tablet publishing are low at the start, and in use as well.

Your magazine on tablets and smartphones
Push2Tablet is the platform for publishers to turn PDF and ePub files of your magazine, glossy, book or newspaper into a tablet-format, and to publish these to tablet and smartphone users all over the world. More information on the advantages of publishing on tablets and your possible objections on tablet publishing available on this site.

For any further information on Push2Tablet or app development for your publishing house or magazine we are more than willing to clarify our product and service in a meeting or a demonstration. Please leave us a message by completing the form below or call us at +31 (0)35 548 60 80.