Distribution platform

PDF files that are ready to be published and viewed on smartphone or tablet, are send to the contentserver of Push2Tablet. We provide your own server space where you can upload your current and earlier issues of your magazine, book or newspaper, ready to be downloaded on smartphone and tablet. A second, seperated exchange server publishes your digital content in reader apps or your own app, where it will be paid for, downloaded and viewed in.

Selling through webshops is possible as well, Push2Tablet offers you an API that can simply be integrated. After the online transaction, your client will find your magazine, book, manual or newspaper available in his reaader.

The contentserver of Push2Tablet is dynamic and intelligent. This allowes us not only to lay out your enriched PDF files for downloading, but we can also rubricate them. Potential readers will find your magazine, book, newspaper or manual in the general kiosk, the direct approach, but also in categories fitting your target group.

The Push2Tablet content server watches over the contents of your interactive PDF’s. All links to additional content are saved at a central level, allowing a modified hyperlink to function in earlier distributed issues of your magazines, manuals, newspapers or books.

Exchange server
The open architecture of the Push2Tablet exchange server allows you to offer your digital content (including ePub) with various conditions to your readers. Via your own website or via the web shops of your distributors.

The Push2Tablet exchange server takes care of the licenses and registration conditions for your readers to download and view your digital issues on tablets and smartphones. First if a payment has been done when needed, second to distribute the content under the conditions that you have issued. For example with a fixed or unlimited timepath, a single view or mutliple views, or with a data limitation.

It needs no explication that a safe control of your digital content is required. For that reason The Push2Tablet distribution server and the Push2Tablet exchange server have physically been seperated from one and another. Regarding the DRM-functionality  Push2Tablet partially uses the DRM-functions within tablets (currently iOS and Android). On that of that, during the download we add to the PDF files a so called Social DRM (each page contains the name of the reader) that is secured with a unique password.

For any furhter information on the technical architure we provide for tablet publishing, please complete the form below or contact us at +31(0)35 548 60 80.