Portal Tablet Publishing

Push2Tablet has launched the online portal for publishers of magazines, books or newspapers who want to publish on tablets and smartphones. This is the online workspace where publishers and editors can upload, edit and launch their magazines, books or newspapers.

This online portal for publishers is also called the online content publishing, editing and distribution platform. Short and simple: Easy to use, no set-up fee, and direct revenues. The online portal for publishers works in a few simple steps:
  1. Register and login
  2. PDF editing for tablet en smartphone
  3. PDF on tablet en smartphone
  4. Revenues on tablet publishing

Online portal for publishers

Push2Tablet contains an online portal where all professional publishers can create an account. Once you have an account you can login an access your files from any PC with an internet connection. On your personal page you can upload your PDF's or review your earlier issues.

PDF editing for tablets en smartphones

You choose the PDF or ePub file you want to edit. Subsequently you can use our WYSIWYG online editor to simply enrich your digital content with links, photo galleries, video, audio, social media and other interactivity. Once you have finished you only need to save your publication and to place it at our distribution platform. You do not need extra software or education to publish on smartphones and tablets.

PDF on tablet and smartphone

Magazines, newspapers and books that are ready to be published, will be send to your reader-apps. From that moment on your digital content can be viewed and downloaded in reader-apps or your webshops.

Revenues on tablet publishing

Now that all preparation has been done and that your titles are available for downloading, it has to be profitable for you as well. Push2Tablet has just the business model for it. On the one hand we offer you the possibility to change the advertisements in print into interactive ads on your tablet issue, like for example a banner or text advertisement. On the other hand you get revenues for each time a copy of your magazine, book or newspaper is downloaded, you can compare that to when someone buys your magazine in a real kiosk. After paying and downloading your digital magazine or book we will provide the user with a license that allowes the user to view your publication on a smartphones or tablet. You control the license conditions, for example for a limited or unlimited time, a single or multiple download, or perhaps limited to a maximum data download.

Costs for publishers on Push2Tablet

Using the Push2Tablet platform is free of charge for professional pulishers. You do not pay a small start-up fee and only a little fee for each unique download. For any futher information on the costs of publishing magazines, books and newspapers on smartphones and tablets please visit our section for the costs of Tablet publishing.

Information for publishers
For any further information on the advantages on Tablet Publishing by Push2Tablet or on app development for your organisation, we are more than willing to clarify our product and service in a personal meeting and a demonstration. Please leave us a message via the form below or call us at +31 (0)35 548 60 80.