To publish magazines, books and newspapers on tablets and smartphones, Push2Tablet is the distribution platform for publishers. It allowes publishers to upload books, magazines and other digital issues to Push2Tablet, to enrich them with interactivity, and to publish them in  reader-apps. An introduction to Push2Tablet:

Publishers that wish to distribute their digital issues on iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and smartphones can use the editor-software to add in the most friendly way interactivity (hyperlinks, films, reactions, etc.). This will create a layer over the original PDF or ePub of the magazine, book or even newspaper. Push2Tablet uses one or more of your existing PDF files and combines this with the DRM-functionality that tablets and smartphones have. At this very moment it is for the iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and smartphones.

Server platform for iPad, iPhone  and Android
The distribution core of Push2Tablet is the content server and the exchange server. Users who download issues pay per download or via the subscription fee, and without interferance of Push2Tablet. We link the financial transaction directly to the publisher's webshop, and if this is not available to a webshop provided by Push2Tablet. The actual payment itsself can be done via an opened browser window within the reader-app, which avoids a commission due to Apple for example.

Interactive PDF's
  • hyperlinks
  • movies (streaming)
  • audio
  • image gallery

Reader functions
  • turning over the leaves of a book or magazines, zooming in, spread mode
  • navigation with thumbnails (spread)
  • go to page...
  • keyword search through all content
  • dynamic bookmarks (incl. changing between navigations)
  • make and share notes

Gathering user information
  • measuring the usage of all interactive components via the distribution server (hyperlinks, movies, audio, etc.)

  • push notification
  • update of newspaper, magazine with subscribers
  • offering (free) samples, subscriptions
  • showcase: A complete overview publishers and titles based on a bookshelf category (sport, lifestyle, ...) and the origin of the issues (magazine, book, newspaper, glossy, manual, ...)
  • publication in apps and online readers

For any further information on the advantages of Push2Tablet, or app development for your organisation, we are more than willing to clarify our product and service in a personal meeting or a demonstration. Please contact us by completing the form below, or by our contact page, or call us at +31(0)35 548 60 80.