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the pros and cons of tablet publishing

We love talking about the advantages of tablet publishing, but some objections against publishing on tablets have arosen as well. Push2Tablet formulates the most heard objections, and the solutions for them.

Large files on tablets and smartphones

A publising company that uses well known editor software, decides to use this for their tablet magazine. From experience they learn that an average edition of their tablet magazine will take about 70 to 500 MB of data. And that is a lot for any tablet or smartphone that has most often only 16 Gb to 64 Gb; with just a few downloads the users will be confronted with a "full disc". An extra disadvantage is that these large files have to be downloaded too, and impatient users do not wait this long.

That’s where Push2Tablet comes to light:
We do not use any editors software that is mostly designed for print. We use the existing PDF files of a magazine, glossy, book or newspaper. The interactivity that comes with tablets and smartphones is placed over the file so that we do not ask you to modify large images or files. These lighter files are being placed on a special server which takes care of a rapid download. Files are at least 10 times lighter than with that special editorsoftware, allowing your ereaders to download your glossy, magazine, book or newspaper quickly.

How to publish on tablets?

As a professional publisher you have one or more titles to issue. In print, online via your websites, and perhaps in other formats to contact your clients and target group. Regarding tablet publishing you have talked to the experts, and they offer to help you with the concept, the strategy, the marketing concept, a functional and technical design, the technical realisation, maintenance and hosting. That’s quite a lot, and it costs a lot as well! And the funny thing is that you already have the idea, the concept and the target group! You do not want to reinvent your magazine, you do want to give a new dimension to your magazine. But how?

That’s where Push2Tablet comes to light:
Publishing is your profession, distributing on smartphones and tablets is ours. That is why we use your strong points: A good magazine, a clear target group, well reputed editors, existing files and that is what we distribute for you on the tablet and smartphone. You can continue being the publisher, we take care of your distribution on smartphones and tablets. It is obvious that we would love to help you in your search for new concepts, but that does not mean that we cannot start with the proven concept that you already have?

Tablet publishing is expensive

You may find that publishing on tablets and smartphones is rather expensive. You have asked around and you have heard that a magazine in the AppStore costs at least four thousand euro, and we haven’t even mentioned the costs per page. Your calculation for the break-even point makes you feel real uncomfortable. Obviously!

That’s where Push2Tablet comes to light:
For setting up your magazine, glossy, book or newspaper we give you access to the online editor where you can arrange your PDF files to one issue, and where you can enrich this file with interactivity. Film, audio, links, ads or for example social media. In no time you have prepared your magazine for both tablet and smartphone. This will cost you nothing, because we only charge a little fee when your magazine has been downloaded.

Production costs as a publisher

If I have to be present on tablets as well, production costs will rise: Man hours, special software, testing, testing, and some more testing. And all that for a new medium that you just cannot copy from the web or other publications we have. And things that take time, makes them expensive.

That’s where Push2Tablet comes to light:
We heard these stories, too, where publishers spend up to 17 hours to create and edit a lousy four pages for a tablet magazine. Even if this is could be reduced to -let's say- 5 hours, we still think that is far too much. At Push2Tablet it is our goal to make it that simple that you can simply take and enrich your existing PDF-files. This way you cannot make mistakes on manhours or software. Of course your staff cannot do everything at the same time, but adding Push2Tablet to the daily routine will take you little time for a big presence and dito revenues.

More information on tablet publishing for publishers

For any further information on the advantages of tablet Publishing by Push2Tablet or app development for your organisation or magazine, we are more than willing to clarify our services in a meeting and a demonstration. Please leave us a message on the form below or call us at +(0)35 548 60 80.