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Push2Tablet is a digital platform designed for the distribution of e-books, audio books, comics, text books, magazines, newspapers and individual articles. Your content is safely stored at Push2Tablet and distribution always takes place using our own DRM system within the closed eco system of our reader apps and online reader. Your readers, students or members can read your content on smartphone, tablet (iOS and Android) or using a web browser on laptop and PC. Thanks to our drop&drag editor, you can optionally enrich your content with videos, additional images, hyperlinks and/or reader response.

Push2Tablet does not interfere with your business model (subscriptions, membership or single copy sale) and only charges you when your content is downloaded to your subscriber or customer. So, a simple 'no-cure-no-pay' model with a simple tariff structure (€ 0.50 - € 0.10 per download, depending on annual volume).

Our platform can be used together with our white label reader app for a wide variety of applications;

    • Digital  subscriptions
As a solution for the distribution of your digital magazine to your subscribers. Possibly linked to your fulfilment administration for subscription management and/or single sign on.

    • Kiosk
To operate a kiosk with books and/or magazines. You can then have your audience pay via Apple's In-App Purchase and Google Play. You will benefit from all revenues after deduction of the percentages charged by Apple and Google.

    • Courses
For the distribution of your text books to your students. Push2Tablet has set up MyCourseDocs for this purpose. An extension of our distribution portal, offering content building at course level and, through activation codes, providing students easy access to the documentation of your courses. Possible driven from your own website/shop using our API.

    • All You Can Read
P2T is the only company in the world that offers a fully operational All You Can Read application that is suitable for all media types (e-books, audio books, comics, study material, magazines, newspapers and single articles) and in any combination. Every imaginable subscription form is possible such as: books only, magazines only or a combination. But also think of a family subscription, promotion type subscriptions (Summer, Winter, Free, Trial).

Our AYCR software can not only be used for a commercial AYCR service, but also as a library service or loyalty program for, for example, travel organizations or retail chains with club members. Our AYCR back office is capable of using multiple settlement models towards publishers, possibly adjustable per publisher.

Designed for worldwide implementations
The Push2Tablet distribution platform is designed for Cloud based scaling (storage and load) including Multi Region. The latter ensures maximum download speeds and performance anywhere in the world. Our platform is multilingual; both our back office for publishers and the apps.

Also, location based serving of content is possible, so you don’t have to worry about publishing right conflicts. Interfaces with all known payment providers are available including the use of multiple currencies.

Publish in 4 steps!

Your ebooks and magazines in 4 simple steps on tablets and smartphones

Step 1: Register your account
Step 2: Upload your PDF
Step 3: Enrich with movies, images, etc.
Step 4: Sell in apps


The advantage of Push2Tablet

Push2Tablet is the online platform to publish your magazines, ebooks and articles on tablets and smartphones. Simple in use, quick to publish, safe and secure for data, publishers and consumers. Start reading digitally, start Push2Tablet. 



Your advantages

1. Registered today, publishing today
2. Low cost tablet publishing
3. Exposure in apps
4. On Apple and Android
5. Interactive content
6. Subscriptions possible
7. Keep track on stats